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Project Introduction Tour

Our introduction tour is a service offered by us in order to inform you about our projects that are for sale. We meet you at the airport and provide detailed information about our company and our projects. At the same time, we are always at your service so that you could also get information about Antalya.


If you want to become the owner of one of Yapraklar Construction projects, we will be pleased to host you within our "Introduction Tour" arranged for you free of charge.


Sales Services

Yapraklar Construction is ready to help you at every step during the sale and after it.

Once all the payments according to the payment plan in the sales contract have been made, we help you to prepare the TAPU (certificate of ownership) documents. For transferring the title from the Seller to the Buyer, both parties should be present at the Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. Once the TAPU (certificate of ownership) documents for your new home have been received, we help you to prepare all necessary documentation for getting water and electricity subscriptions.

Acting as Cebeci Group, we guarantee that we will support you in the whole process of purchasing and selling in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Turkey.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone and e-mail.

After-sales services

- Technical and legal support for after-sales transactions;

- Professional counselling in different languages;

- After-sales support. Professional support for the application for property rights;

- Support while receiving your T.R. tax number;

- Application for water and electricity subscriptions (performed when the certificate of ownership has been received);

- Support for residence permit application;

- Support for opening all kinds of accounts in T.R. banks;

- Support for paying electricity, water and telephone bills;

- Support for making payments in accordance with annual real estate tax declarations.


Some of the above-mentioned services are free of charge, while some of them are fee-based.

While you are far away from your home, you can count on the help of our professional team.

Management Services

All housing estate residents should act responsibly towards paying their dues. The amount of the maintenance fee depends on the characteristics of the housing estate and includes the following issues:

- Pool cleaning and chlorine and PH level control of the pool;

- Cleaning of the garden and common areas of the housing estate;

- Technical maintenance works in the building;

- Electrical maintenance of common areas and elevators


Extra services of the management unit:

- Airport transfer, introduction tour, air ticket booking services;

- Application support for DASK (Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool) real estate insurance;

- Introduction of appropriate furniture and household appliances packages for your apartment;

- Cleaning and organization services for your apartment;

- Landscape services


Some of the services are free of charge, while some of them are fee-based.

Why Turkey?

- We offer high living standards and developed infrastructure.

- Perfect balance of quality and prices.

- Hot climate, sea, beaches, fresh fruit and vegetables all over the year.


Why Antalya?

 - Life with 300 days of sunshine, hot sea and rich nature;

- Many places to visit, sporting and cultural activities;

- Developing tourism and living infrastructure;

- From the environmental perspective, one of the cleanest places in the world;

- Saklikent is a popular ski resort located only 40 km from Antalya...

- A perfect way of life, a slow and relaxing lifestyle;

- Flexible prices for real estate;

- All kinds of real estate items that fit every taste.


Why Yapraklar Construction?

- Perfect balance of quality and price;

- Study trip;

- Customer services at all stages (credits, certificates of ownership vs.)

- After-sales services and maintenance support

- Flexibility and professionalism


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I acquire landed property?

Yes. It covers all kinds of residential buildings. Your total area share is stated in the certificate of ownership.


Is it possible that there are more than one property owners in the certificate of ownership?

There can be more than one property owners in the certificate of ownership and their shares may be different.


What expenses do I have after buying some real estate?

- Title deed fee equal to 4% of the sales price;

- Fees for title deed follow-up transactions, subscriptions etc.;

- Electricity, water, natural gas, translation fees;

- Notary services.

Purchasing Procedure

Study trip;

A study tour is the most effective way to learn as much as you can about your dream home. We welcome you at the airport and provide free accommodation with sea or mountain view. During your visit, you will get detailed information about local features, our goals and city infrastructure. This includes stores, banks, pharmacies, markets and shopping centres, currency exchange offices, restaurants and much more.



We sign a preliminary contract for sale, which contains the terms and details of the real estate being presented. When the first payment is performed, the agreement goes into effect. The first payment usually ranges from 5% to 50% of the sales price.

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